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The Road to Success: The Inspiring Journey of Jamaica's First Rallycross Star, Fraser McConnell

Growing up in a country where Motorsports is merely a shadow to the likes of track and field, football, and cricket, Fraser McConnell had to remain focused on his goals to get where he is today. In 2019, Fraser became the first Jamaican to win the Americas RallyCross Championships, and went on to secure a supercar victory in Europe's Rally X Nordic League in 2022. Continued success came early in 2023 when Fraser also joined Louis Hamilton's X44 Vida Carbon Racing in the Extreme E racing series. Alongside his involvement with Vida Carbon Racing, Fraser also maintains his position as a driver in Travis Pastrana's Nitro Rallycross series, solidifying his tremendous versatility and commitment to the world of motorsports.

"My childhood hero was Travis Pastrana. It’s just surreal to race against him and beat him."

Not only is Fraser living the dream of meeting Travis but driving for him and having tremendous success as well. The 2023/24 season kicked off in Oklahoma June 16 & 17 with Fraser taking another victory lap in the Group E class.

Fraser McConnell celebrates Oaklahoma Nitro Cross Victory as Dana White looks on.
Fraser McConnell celebrates Oaklahoma Nitro Cross Victory as Dana White looks on.

Caribletix had the opportunity to catch up with Fraser between his Oklahoma Nitrocross win and his next race with the series in Utah, August 18 - 19 at Utah's Motorsports Campus.

How does it feel to be Jamaica's Biggest Rallycross Star to date?

Being the sole Rallycross driver from the Caribbean is an incredible feeling. Representing the Jamaican flag and our vibrant culture on the international stage, and achieving top positions, fills me with a lot of pride and humility. It's an honor to represent such an influential culture on a powerful stage, which fuels my determination to keep pushing even when I’m tired.

What was the grind like to get to where you are today? Were there sacrifices? Were there doubts?

Rallycross is a spotlight sport that offers only one opportunity to shine—race day. It demands tremendous physical and mental preparation. I started on my racing journey at the age of 16 in Jamaica, a time when most of my age group were starting to go out, and so I missed many of those first parties. The big race weekends such as Dover (longstanding Jamaican rally series) coincide with national holiday party weekends in Jamaica which meant I was staying in so I could race while my friends were out. I wouldn’t change it for anything and am very happy with the sacrifices I made because of where I am today as a result.

Has the career gone to plan so far?

The career is going to plan. The growth has been rapid, considering that just three to four years ago, I admired the same individuals I now compete against and I’m beating them. We are making the dream a reality. If we keep on the track we’re on now we’ll be in a good spot. In fact, Dana White and the UFC recently acquired Nitrocross, and promises to take the series to new heights and transform it into a massive motorsports series.

How do you feel about the most recent win in Oklahoma?

Really big for me. Amazing to start the season on top of the championship table from the start. Plan is to stay there.

After a good start, do you think you can win it all this Nitro season?

I’m there to win, I’m there to compete. I know I have what it takes to be the champion at the end of the season. That’s what we’re striving for and it’s going to take a lot to stop me.

Speak a little bit on Nitro. What has the experience been like being part of the Nitro Rallycross Series, and where do you see it growing from here? What’s your relationship like with racing legend and Series founder Travis Pastrana?

Nitrocross was originally birthed from Nitro World Games which began in 2016. I joined in 2021 when it became Nitro Rallycross which was held for two seasons. Now we are all at the start of the rebranded Nitrocross which Dana White is referring to as a disruptive television series in the making.

My childhood hero was Travis Pastrana. There is no other. I was always watching his videos, and wanted to do motocross and freestyle which ultimately led to the start of my racing career on motorbikes. I have huge respect for him, and I’ve now earned the respect from him. Travis is a great guy, and he has amazing ambitions for the series. It’s just surreal to race against him and beat him.

Fraser McConnell talking to the press after another Nitrocross victory.
Fraser McConnell talking to the press after another Nitrocross victory.

Fraser's ambitions did not stop there. In early 2023, he joined Lewis Hamilton's X44 Vida Carbon Racing team in the Extreme-E racing series which strives to highlight global issues. Although the rookie on the team he has already claimed a victory in the Scotland Hydro X Prix which took place May 13 - 14.

Fraser McConnell and Christina Gutierrez win Hydro X Prix in Scotland 2023.
McConnell and Gutierrez racing in the Hydro X Prix which took place in a former coal mine site in Scotland. Photo courtesy of Extreme-E.

So now, how do you feel to also be part of even bigger racing legend Lewis Hamilton’s X44 Vida Carbon Racing Team?

It’s incredible. When I signed that contract with Lewis Hamilton I was finally able to call myself a professional race car driver. Driving for a salary is what every race car driver works towards, and to be racing for the GOAT is a huge honor. Only three individuals in the world can say they’ve raced for this team, Sebastian Loeb, whom I succeeded, my current teammate Christina Gutierrez and myself.

Louis recently took the time to send us a WhatsApp message commending us on our performance and the world we’ve been doing. This recognition from a racing legend is incredible.

Where do you think this partnership with one of motorsports biggest ever stars can lead you?

I like to take everything one step at a time. Regarding the partnership with Louis and the team, I’m fully committed to give it my everything on and off the track. The X44 Vida Carbon team is big on opportunity. In fact they’ve restructured their principles within the team, and placing opportunity as the top priority, closely followed by performance. They’ve stressed the fact that they can do that without sacrificing one for the other.

We’ve already had a race victory only after four races into the season. As a rookie this year, I will continue doing my best, enjoy the moment and fight hard to keep up the momentum.

What’s next for Fraser McConnell?

I am currently gearing up for a race with X44 Vida Carbon in Sardinia, Italy July 8 & 9. This event will be rounds 5 & 6 of the extreme championship so at the end of it we will have passed the halfway mark of the season. As always, my goal is the top position.

My next race with Nitrocross Racing is in Utah the weekend of August 18 & 19.

Visit to learn more about their incredible mission to highlight global issues and inspire another generation. We're closely following this incredible group, and will have more to share soon.

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